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We help your teams to identify the best innovation opportunities


We believe there is a growing need for a more effective innovation.

Companies rely mainly on outdated methods to identify innovation opportunities, for example brainstorming, with its post-its and pencils. But the pressure put on innovation teams is increasing today. Among other factors, global competition, the economic crisis, the acceleration of innovation, and new systemic challenges. As a result, your teams need new methods to identify the best subjects to work on.


Our A.I. assists your teams to identify their best innovation opportunities.

Having a good understanding of the market needs is a first step toward highly effective innovation. We use natural language processing to explore the web and extract the problems of our society: waste of time, pollution, coronavirus, etc. These problems are then compared and summarized in a clear and well-documented manner. In this way, your team explores a wide range of needs related to your business.


The results suggest that teams find 6 to 12 times more opportunities.

We asked an R&D team to list the main issues they should work on. Then, we let them explore the results of our software and update the list. The results suggest that there are 6 to 12 times more opportunities coming from Darwinnov than from human brainstorming.

Example for the keyword "road".

Author image
Road salt source

Every $1 of road salt causes approximately $15 in damage to concrete, bridges and vehicles.

Author image
Potholes source

In average, potholes cause $515 per year per driver in extra operation and maintenance costs.

Author image
Trafic jam source

In the UK, 2.5 billion hours are lost per year in trafic jams.

Author image
Accidents source

1.35 million people die every year in road accidents.

Author image
Tires source

300 million tires are discarded every year in the US.


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